Appointment Setting

Outsourcing Appointment Setting Services in India

Achieving business growth in a highly competitive market is by no means a simple task. Professional appointment setting services are proving to be a very effective tool for companies to gain greater market share and business growth. When the market is changing drastically it is best to understand the exact requirement and pitch for the product or service to the potential clients in the most professional way. The person with good communication and convincing skills can help companies connect with clients promptly.

Artemis Technologies, appointment setting services set the stage for the initial sales pitch of your product or service. We engage with prospects at the early stages of the sales process, helping them evaluate their need for a particular product or service and providing information on product features, usability and pricing. Artemis Technologies works towards bringing you closer to concluding a sale by ensuring that your sales staff engages only with educated leads.

Artemis Technologies professional appointment setting services are handled by the right people with a flair for sales. We provide you with a powerful channel for sales promotion. Outsource appointment setting services to Artemis Technologies and save time and resources of your field sales staff – time that would otherwise have gone into navigating cold calls, telemarketing and objection handling.

Talk to key decision makers

Our service is a unique sales promotion channel that promises to get you an audience with key decision-makers who have a need for your product. The effectiveness and convincing power of a face-to-face meeting with an educated lead is so immense, that many businesses invest over 90% of their marketing budget in outsourcing appointment setting services. Outsource your appointment setting needs to Artemis Technologies and ensure that you only meet potential customers.

How the Appointment Setting Process works at Artemis Technologies

Appointment setting at Artemis Technologies follows a clearly-defined, result-oriented process that goes through the following stages:

  • Contact decision makers
  • Generate leads
  • Appointment scheduling
  • QA processes to validate and verify appointments
  • Online appointment management system

Streamlined online appointment management system is accessible to registered users at your organization from any browser, at any time. The appointment management system is updated at all times to keep track of the sales process and conversion scenario.

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