Data Validation

Client's existing databases are often filled with incorrect and obsolete information. It is un-remunerative and unproductive to dedicate the time of an experienced sales person to update such a database. At the same time, the incorrect data fails to support your people achieve the objective. Rather, it frustrates them and could bring down their levels of performance. With the help of systematic and well coordinated data validation services, the client's database can be updated promptly and this will further help in increasing the sales results. This will also help in increasing the accurateness of the client's database. Data validation services are meant to bring a lot of data consistency to ensure that it is always validated and correct. In the case of technical, scientific and complex legal data, there is a need to keep it updated and prompt all the time. The overall performance will also go high with data validation services.

E-mail Validation Services

Email validation ensures that you capture functional email addresses, increasing your ability to communicate with prospective customers and retaining the existing ones. Invalid email addresses represent lost opportunities and squandered time and money. Considering the high volume of messages exchanged through e-mail businesses will not find it cost-effective and perhaps even feasible to handle e-mail validation on their own. At Artemis Technologies, however, we leverage technology and our expertise to carry out e-mail validation cost-effectively and accurately. If you outsource e-mail validation to us, you can save on costs.

E-mail Validation Services

Phone validation increases the call success rates experienced by your sales people or call center and helps you save on data correction, post-collection. By validating phone numbers when they are entered, you can respond to inquiries immediately, resulting in increased conversion rates and higher customer satisfaction levels. If you outsource this requirement to us, we can help you achieve cost savings in quick time. We conduct regular training sessions for our staff and have an in-built system of keeping effective check on work quality. So you can be sure of the standard of our services.

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