Live Answering

Intelligent live chat services with unlimited applications

Open a direct line of communication with your website visitors. Immediately engage visitors in real-time. With Artemis Technologies’s intelligent live chat support services, you can proactively reach your customers in the middle of a buying decision or support inquiry. This gives you the advantage in closing sales and quickly solving problems.

Bring your Social Media initiative to life. Help technically challenged customers get the support they need in real time. Keep your website shopping cart open for business 24/7. There is no limit to where you can use chat to support your website and aid your customers. More and more, consumers are turning to live chat service as a way to gain quick resolutions to issues. Now, you can add the power of live chat to your business quickly and easily.
Installation is simple. Just pop a small piece of code into the appropriate page on your website and we are ready to respond 24/7.

Customize your chat

Chat responses are highly customizable. We will help you build a library of appropriate responses in advance. Our live chat operators will access this chat response directory to solve issues and answer questions with lightning speed and accuracy. If you don’t think a pre-formatted response will do the trick, no problem! We can think on our feet and we easily customize chat responses on an as-needed basis. You never have to worry about what our operators are talking about with your customers, because you receive complete reporting and transcriptions on every single transaction! Let us put a personal touch into your website’s support initiative. Start chatting today!

Chat archiving

Chat transcripts are archived for your protection. We give you secure web access to all chat dialogs. We can even secretly and securely email transcripts to you in real-time. Use archived chat transcripts to enhance your CRM’s history notes. Append your databases. Update your customer records. Keep your billing systems current. Live chat can help in all of these areas.

Chat reporting

Reporting is a breeze. We give you all the metrics you need to measure the effectiveness of your chat programs. Chats per hour, average chat durations, speed of response - we can provide any measurements you need to keep your live chat support happy and healthy.

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