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The most important aspect of any business strategy, market research and analysis help you identify opportunities and improve the efficiency.

Our Marketing Research services:

Artemis Technologies, one of the Virtual Assistant enables Computer-Aided Telephone Interviewing. It allows you to rapidly access your customers. The Computer-Aided Telephone Interviewing (CATI) software we use is integrated with a completely automated system. The rapid-dial feature is four times as productive as manual dialing. It will allow you to save much time and get more jobs done. The CATI software also keeps track of accurate and reliable data collection for marketing research survey. You can use them later whenever you need. All these services come to you at a competitive price. So you can get the most for the least by coming to us. We provide prompt services and we hold a reputed name among market research companies.

Our research team designs the questionnaire, analyzes the data and provides the interpreted results in respect of any research you may wish to undertake. We also provide a voice amplitude engine to analyze inbound calls. The voice amplitude system counts the number of words used, gauges the speed of spoken words and other reflections of human nature conveyed by one way of talking. With our expert analysis, you will get a better understanding of market requirements and customer behavior. When you know requirements of the market it will become easy for you to manipulate. Understanding customer behavior is also essential, it will enable you to handle any type of customers.

This complicated task can be handled effectively and professionally by us at the Artemis Technologies. We have an efficient team for each of the services that we provide. At Artemis Technologies, we understand that each customer support service we provide is testimonial to our business efficiency. Save your costs and time by outsourcing this service to us.

  • Customer satisfaction surveys
  • Product usage and placement studies
  • New product development
  • Market segmentation studies
  • Advertising testing
  • Buyer behavior and need analysis
  • Pricing research
  • Attitudinal and image studies

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