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Artemis Technologies offers financial and accounting support such as s corporation tax return in US, Expatriate tax in US for companies. We have chartered accountants with more than 10 years of experience in US , Canada & UK taxes. Companies can outsource all their auditing, accounting, and taxation services to us. Backed with a secure IT and the experience of expert accountants, we will provide the best accounting solutions for your firm. If you are a startup company establishing your hold in the industry, then you will definitely appreciate the support and expertise that our auditors can offer. Even if you are an established company in the market, outsourcing your accounting to us will help reduce your burden, allowing you to concentrate on the more important aspects of improving and promoting your business. Whether you want support in filling form 1120 in US or filing the S Corp tax return and expatriate tax, we have you covered.

There are many advantages in outsourcing your accounting and auditing services to us. We have the technical expertise and the bandwidth to take up your accounts. Plus, we have a large team at work, which means our turnaround time is very quick. We can work with people from different parts of the world. So, even if you’re a multinational company, you can rely on us to ensure seamless information gathering and transfer across all the offices.

The financial details of the company are highly confidential. That’s why we have a 5-tier security system to safeguard all your financial information. The first tier is the physical security, which bans our team from using mobiles inside the work area. Plus, we have 24x7 security in the premises. The second tier is the network security that includes LAN scanners and firewall-based controls. WAN IP and MAC address-based access controls form the 3rd tier of security and prevents unauthorized access to the information stored in the network. We ensure that all USB ports and DVD writers in the computer systems are blocked. So, there will not be any possibility to copy the data to an external storage device. Finally, the last tier is the user-based security that tracks the work done by each user on each system. Moreover, restricted access is provided based on the work profile. Using all these methods, we will ensure that there is absolutely no chance of data leaks.

Apart from filling form 1065 in US or filing the S Corp tax returns in US, we also take care of individual tax perpetration (form 2555 and 1116), gift tax, partnership tax, NGO tax, as well as estate and trust income tax return. We also manage book keeping, audits, accounting, tax research, and tax planning.

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